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What is
MoonRock Tech?

MoonRock Tech is a platform/protocol based on blockchain technology, which aims to bring transparency, immutability and efficiency into gaming platform world. We are building with and for leading figures of online gaming industry, benefiting from web 3.0 technologies, with a special focus on smart contracts utilization for gaming and rewards systems. Our software will be beneficial for the needs of all, from games providers, to regulators and platform owners. We have listened to the needs of everyone involved in online gaming and shaped our software and platform to be the best one on the market.


We are building our protocol with efficiency, speed and security in our mind, that is why we are taking the best bits of blockchain technology of the present, while also adding custom bits of the future. With our in-house developed side-chain, we will be able to offer almost instant transactions, without affecting security of the users and gaming platform founds. Smart contracts are taking care of everything, from rewards systems, cashback and gaming transactions. Read more about our technology in our whitepaper.

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Already alive
and spinning!

We have already established an online gaming platform, using MoonRock SDK, which is currently EU Gaming license pending. More than 2 Million bets has already been made on MoonRock gaming platform and user base is growing every day. It’s the ultimate representation, of what technology is capable of!


Commitment to Compliance

Cooperating with official gaming authorities to assure technology meets all standards and offer licensing opportunities to blockchain gaming platform platforms.

Safe and Secure

Plug and Play deposits/withdrawals Bitcoin, Ethereum, Tokens,... MOON token for fees

Fast and easy

Our in house blockchain offers fast transactions, while our MoonRock SDK offers an easy way to interact with it.


MOON token is an ERC-20 standard token, which will be issued on Ethereum blockchain. It will be used as a main currency on our gaming platform platform, as well as the fuel of the sidechain, with possibilities to stake and validate transactions and pay transaction fees.


gaming platform platforms will be able to use MOON token as deposits currency, offering players an easy start without complicated bank transactions


Fuel of side-chain, where fees are paid in MOON token, which will increase the need and demand with MoonRock SDK usage grotwh,


Validators will need to stake a specific minimum amount of MOON tokens on the sidechain in order to verify transactions


There will be a limited number of tokens available, as only exactly 38,440,000,000 tokens will be minted. More information about token distribution will be available soon.


MoonRock Ecosystem

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Team & Initial Investors



2020 2021


MoonRock gaming platform, the first of its kind- We handle the technology so entrepreneurs can focus on the customer.


Dimitrij Piciga

Founder, Managing Director

In tourism globally for 20+ years, Dimitrij was a CEO of the biggest SE Europe land-based Gaming Group HIT, with more than 2.000 employees and 200M EUR GGR. Also a VP of World Travel Council (WTC), MD of Slovenian Tourist Board and an Honorary Consul of Kazakhstan.

Zenel Batagelj

Founder, Strategy Lead

The crypto OG. An investor and advisor to first European ICOs (Iconomi and on a business model, development, strategy and branding. Co-founder of Valicon, the marketing and analytics expert agency, consulting to the most important companies in the SE Europe region.

Rok Kvaternik

Founder, Business Lead

In publishing & content creation business for 30 years. Delivering digital products with the biggest German educational publisher. Also a serial entrepreneur in Wind Mills, Design Items and Tourism. He is overseeing 8 offices across Europe with 500+ employees.

Marko Jelen

Gaming Lead

25+ years of experience in managing land-based and online gaming platforms. Located on Malta, Slovenia and Italy as a GM to several international European Gaming Businesses (HIT, Perla, Portomaso, Et al.)

Klemen Rupnik

Product Lead

With 10+ years of experience building products and managing teams, involved in several startups, advocates the blockchain technology as a Director of Blockchain Association and a crypto venture studio Chain Effect. Melding technical knowledge with entrepreneurial acumen.

Aljoša Praznik

Blockchain Lead

Began exploring and researching Bitcoin in the early days. In the last 3 years he is fully committed to blockchain technologies, building multiple products and being an advisor to several promising projects, before he worked as Application and Data Integrity Engineer.

Jan Vidic

Development Lead

A full-stack CTO with 10+ years of experience who holds certifications from Blockchain Training Alliance. He is skilled in mentoring and leading tech teams and provides in-depth knowledge of technical aspects of Blockchain infrastructure and Software development in general.

Luigi Giuri

Technology Lead

An entrepreneur, researcher, and development and security professional. A CTO at Wirex, working on the development of online gaming solutions for sports betting, live gaming platform, slots, RNG games, platforms for player management, affiliation systems and payment solutions.

Alan Alden

A shareholder and Director of Kyte Consultants Ltd, providing an advisory on various matters related to gaming projects, especially in internal and IT auditing, PCI compliance and data protection. Alan has years of experience in risk management, gaming and financial services and is well respected in the industry.

Ludwig Gschoderer

Specialist in international capital markets with 40+ years of experience in Investment Banking, Financial advisory and Fiduciary. Top positions at UniCredit, Merrill Lynch, Oppenheimer and VWT Trust, the supervisory board member of various financial institutions. Chairman of the Board of International Finance and Consulting Ltd. as well as LAG Merchant Group Ltd. and partner of a British payment provider.

Patrick Demanuele

Entered the online gaming business 10+ years ago, he supports various companies in building and running hybrid studios. COO of Tumas Gaming in Malta focusing on land-based gaming platforms, retail and online gaming. In the past, he occupied positions from Slots director to General Manager, gaining a strong understanding of Slots operations and gaming platform economics.

Janez Jager

Partner in BHS hotel management company. Focused on the development of new business models in hospitality. Developing healthiness resort projects in China and Europe. Partner with blockchain platform developers in mainland China and helping with the expansion of gaming products into the Asian markets.

Edgar Portelli

With 9+ years of experience in the Gaming sector, working as a Business Operations Manager at Portomaso Gaming, a leading gaming group. Previously, he was an IT Manager Tumas Gaming, Malta, operating the biggest 2 Land Based gaming platforms, Portomaso gaming platform and Oracle gaming platform. He has been actively involved in creating core live gaming platform products.

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